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How to Hang a Gallery Wall, the Easy Way

How to Hang a Gallery Wall, the Easy Way

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Have you ever tried to hang a gallery wall?  I have and I ended up with way too many holes in the wall.  So I came up with a little system to hang it right the first time!

Supplies to Hang a Gallery Wall

  • Frames – I got mine from Frame It Easy.  They print your pictures, frame them and ship them right to your door.
  • Post Board
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Nails
  • Hammer

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

Lay everything out how you want it on the wall

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

figure out where center is and hang your first 2 pictures.

take your poster board and trace around your picture frame.

Cut it out so you have the exact size of your frames.

Next flip your frame over and measure how far the wire is from the top of the frame.  Since wire has some flex to it you want to pull the wire tight.  For example with this frame the wire straight across was 5″ from the top of the frame but when I pulled it tight it was only 4.5″ from the top of the frame.  You want the measurement for when it is pulled tight.

How to hang a gallery wall

Now it is time to transfer your measurements to the poster board.  I meausured 4.5″ from the top and made a dot.  I then figured out my center measurement.  My frames are 18×18 so 9″ is center.

Then I figured out how far apart I wanted my frames to be.  I went with 1″ apart on all sides.

This is the cool part… ready?  Get your poster board up on the wall right where you want it.  Then take a tac and stick it in where you made your mark.  Press the tac into the wall as hard as possible.  This will make your mark so you know where the nail needs to go!

Remove the poster board hammer in your nail and hang your picture.

I continued to use the poster board through out the entire wall!

And there you have a quick and painless way to hang a gallery wall!

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