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Golf Course Cupcake Cake

Golf Course Cupcake Cake

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I spent the weekend with the family celebrating my husbands birthday!  He isn’t much of a birthday person but my oldest daughter and I love to make treats, so we couldn’t let this pass by without trying something new.  I am not much a cook but I do love to decorate cupcakes and cookies.  Maybe because I love to eat them, I don’t let myself have one very often, so when I can find an excuse I jump on it!
Can you tell what it is?  Yup, a golf course, well just one hole on a golf course!
I am putting together a fun giveaway with a few other bloggers that will be live at the Furniture and Paint Party this Wednesday at 8PM MST!!  Don’t forget to come back and check it out!!

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