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Half Bath Progress

Half Bath Progress

Before and After, My Home
So the New vanity is finally installed!!  HOORAY!  
I am so frustrated, I took before pictures and do you think I can find them anywhere?  Of course not.  I got new software and I feel like my pictures are out of control!  So, when and IF I find it I will post the before.  
This bathroom is very small so I wanted something smaller for the space.  I have always loved vessel sinks on cute tables so when I saw this vanity I fell in LOVE.  
I chose a darker paint color to really make the vanity stand out and to create a warmer feeling!  

I am working on decorating, once the decorating is done I will take pictures of the WHOLE bathroom.  I am a little stumped….PINTEREST HERE I COME!!
I am just so excited the vanity is in the bathroom and not in the FAMILY room anymore!!!  

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  1. I love this! The dark and the white are such great contrasts and I love your play on shapes with the boxy moulding and vanity and the round basin and mirror. Great job! Can't wait to see how you decorate!

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