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Got a Lonely Corner?!?

Got a Lonely Corner?!?

How many of you have that one weird corner in your house you just don’t know what to do with?  Worry no more, I have the solution for you.  
I just finished these beautiful corner shelves, I am in love with all the details on these. 
I have stored them in my garage for months, hoping a random corner or 2 would show up needing a shelf.  But, now with the basement almost done I have had no such luck.  
So they are available for the taking, in exchange for cash of course!

I have refinished these with White Dove by Benjamin White, I then distressed and glazed ONLY the outside molding, creating a beautiful frame to these shelves.  
Everything is Waxed and ready for a new home!

Please see my Furniture for sale tab for all the info!

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