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How to Get the Perfect Family Photos

‘Tis the season for receiving and sending out Christmas cards… how did yours turn out this year?

We had our family photos taken a few weeks ago and it made me realize how difficult it can be to achieve the perfect family pictures. There are so many things that can go wrong amidst picture taking, and as a previous family photographer… I thought I’d share any tidbits I might have to make sure that yours turn out absolutely wonderful.

Get the Perfect Family Photos

How to get the perfect family photos


Something that you want to keep in mind for pictures is that you want to create volume. Soft curls are always a good go-to for pictures because it helps your hair not look flat. I use a flat iron to curl my hair and I love it. Also, hair flying in your face while you are trying to take a gorgeous picture is not ideal. I like to pin hair back and away from faces for the girls so we can really see a beautiful smile. This also helps with less editing.


Matching clothing for family photos is always a nice addition because it makes your pictures look really put together. You don’t have to have exact matching outfits, but at least fitting in with a common color scheme is helpful.  Also, I like to combine a little bit of casual with a little bit of dressy.

Layers are very important! Layers always look better in pictures. Think of fashion magazines- they are almost always wearing layers! Now, I am not saying go crazy here… but if you can, add a jacket, sweater or vest.

For my hubby, I love how he looks in collared shirts so I layered it with this sweater from H&M.  I added this cute blush faux fur vest to my oldest daughter’s dress.   I added this jean jacket to Lu’s maxi dress.

Tips for women – For a woman I recommend wearing a dress, (shop my dress here)  or if you are planning on wearing jeans then wear a longer shirt that covers your rear. Let’s get real here. Unfortunately, cameras always add 10 pounds so unless you are super skinny and have no fat on you it will always make your legs look bigger.  I chose this dress because it had it’s own layers, with the embroidered top and crossed and the bow on the side.


Textures can also bring out beautiful details in your pictures. As an example, for my middle daughter I chose an outfit that has ruffles on the bottom of her dress. My oldest’s vest is fluffy with lace layers underneath, and I liked the embroidery details on the top of my dress and the way it is ruffled and flowy.


The main tip is to wear 25% darker.  I added more base to make sure my skin was good and smooth.  I also used a bronzer because the camera can make you look much more pale. I then added a little blush and finally a finishing powder… I know that sounds like so much but as you can see from this picture it looks natural and it helps to smooth the blemishes so we didn’t have to go back and edit my face.  I am wearing dark lipstick too, about 2 shades darker then I wear normally.  As for my eyes I used a shade darker then I usually do for my lids and then I added black eyeliner, mascara and my magnetic lashes.

I also put a little bit of make up on my kids… not much.  But as we are redheads, our skin naturally tends to go red so I added some finishing powder to their faces and a very light neutral looking lipstick. Create the perfect family photos


Picking the right photographer can make or break your family photos. The best advice I can give is to make sure you like their style. Do this by looking at examples of photos they have already taken. You can usually see portfolios online, or request to see some of their sample work.


My favorite pictures are always the ones with natural movement.  Walking pictures, laughing or group hugs are great ways to create movement.  But it doesn’t always have to be big movements either.  It can be something as simple as moving your hair or holding up a dress.

Creating perfect family pictures

Capture the Moment:

As I look back over pictures the ones that mean the most are the one’s that have a story behind them or some sort of memory.

When my photographer and I came around the corner my little buddy came running to me and she caught it all on camera!

And, of course I got the best squishy face kiss.

This cute little smile came because someone said the word fart!

My oldest is so natural in front of the camera.  Lisa told her to walk down the trail and you would have thought she was walking down the runway!  She sure strutted her stuff!

My middle child is shy, so there was no way she was going to walk down the trail while someone took her picture so she picked to sit on this log instead.  I love that each of these pictures show their personality’s.

I have linked up all of our outfits, makeup and hair tools I used for our family photos below!


Happy picture taking!



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  • SKT

    Where did you get your dress? It’s beautiful!

  • Carolyn

    I was going to ask the same. The thing that stood out for me was the dress! It’s stunning

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