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Front Porch Progress

Front Porch Progress


My new front porch has been something I have been dreaming about forever. In our last house I would sit out there on our porch in the evenings and watch the kids play. It was such a relaxing time for me. Our house faces the opposite way this time around, but I imagine I will spend many mornings out there.

Front Door

I really wanted wood double front doors. I wanted to create a very grand entrance. But I also didn’t have the budget to spend over $10,000 on my front doors. So, I had to get a little creative. I opted for standard size doors but added a transom over the top. To go from standard size doors to 8 ft doors was going to cost me at least $2000, but to add a transom was only $150. I highly recommend this option if you are looking to create a grand entrance, but may be lacking the funds to do so.

Front porch | front entry | double doors | building a home

Here is how the doors looked when they were installed. To get that feeling of grandeur I cased them in with red oak. Adding a transom can prevent your line of sight from stopping, making the doors feel larger rather than smaller.

Front porch | front entry | double doors | building a home

Adding that vertical oak transom was a no brainer to create the impression of large doors and a big entryway. To do all of that only cost me $125. Talk about big savings.

Staining the Door

Since my doors are stainable fiberglass and everything else is wood it proved to be quite the task to get the doors and the wood to match. But I think they are pretty dang close! When staining fiberglass doors you have to use a gel stain, and let me warn you, it is a pain in the butt! I used Minwax’s Aged Oak Gel Stain first on the doors, but they were pulling really green and the wood was pulling red. So I did 2 coats of Minwax’s Walnut Gel Stain to the fiber glass doors to add a touch of red. To my surprise it actually worked.

Front porch | front entry | double doors | building a home

Next was getting the house painted. We painted it with Oyster White by Sherwin Williams (see here why I chose that color) I wanted my house to be a bit creamy to warm things up. I love how it looks with my black windows and my wood door.

Front porch | front entry | double doors | building a home | exterior paint

Yes, that is me screaming with excitement on my front porch. I really can’t wait to move in.

Up Next

Next up we are are getting our soffits and fascia installed and then I will add a bench and 2 of these amazing chandeliers from Progress Lighting

lighting | building a home

Here is a look at some of my porch swing inspirations!

Love this swing by Plank and Pillow. They have a full tutorial here

Front porch | front entry | porch swing | building a home | porch lighting

This swing of Cindi’s is also so amazing!

Front porch | front entry | porch swing | building a home

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