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My Favorite Gadgets on Amazon

I love gadgets and gizmos!  I am always trying out new products, so I figured I might as well be sharing some of my favorites and my HONEST reviews!!  (click the blue title on each product for their affiliate links)


I was looking for a small steamer that I could easily get out or take in my suitcase.  I also didn’t want to pay too much for it.  This cute Pax steamer fit everything I was looking for.. but does it work?  I have been using this for a month now and I am happy to report it does work great!  It takes it about a minute to warm up and it puts out a lot of steam making it easy to straighten clothing.  The only down side is that it doesn’t hold very much water so you have about 10 minutes worth of steam.  However, in that time I steamed my son’s shirt, my husbands shirt and pants.  After I filled it up with water again the water did heat up much faster the second time.



This gadget wins my favorite award.  Do you hate when your clothes get little balls after you wash them?  Major pet peeve of mine.  I had tried a few other defuzzers and they didn’t work.  In fact one even snagged my sweater.  I was a bit hesitant to try another one, but my favorite sweaters was looking terrible so I decided to give this one a try.  HOLY COW it WORKS!!!  Like really really works.  I have been defuzzing everything I can think of.  Worth every penny.

Leg Shaver

I hate to have hair legs, like makes me grumpy.  I used to used a shaver that was flat…  But sometimes it would really hurt my legs.  So I started stealing my husbands shaver he used for his head!  It worked so much better.  You can imagine my excitement when I found a leg shaver that was similar to my husbands shaver!  I love this leg shaver… actually it is a whole body shaver.  Because of the way the head works you can get it into your arm pits and other hard places to reach.  Game changer my friends

Carpet Cleaner

This carpet cleaner is a little more expensive than some.  But let me tell you what, it is worth every penny..  I have used it to clean my carpet, rugs, upholstery, and mattresses.  This carpet cleaner has great suction so it gets all the dirt and grime out!

Silver Bullet Hose

Who likes to roll their hoses up after they are done watering?  NOT ME!  You may have heard of these cool hoses that expand once the water is turned on.  Once you shut the water off all of the water is drained and it shrinks back down.  We have had these kind of hoses for about 4 years and in that time we have had about 5 of them.  Why?  because after awhile they would explode, which freaked me out every time.  But they are not very expensive about $20 so I kept buying them because I hate rolling up my hose that much.  Well I am happy to say I have now had the silver bullet for 2 years and it has not exploded on me!!  I really do love this hose.

ozark Mugs   Also available at Walmart here for less

These mugs are amazing.  I was loving my Yeti mug, but at $35 a pop I couldn’t afford to keep buying them.  We did some research and come to find out Ozark mugs compete very well with Yeti’s…. They keep my water cold for at least 8 hours.   Guess how much they are?  only $12!  You can also get straws for them!


bObsweep PetHair Plus

Alright, where to start with this vacuum?  I have really loved my bobsweep, however there are a few things to keep in mind when buying a vacuum like this.  I like to compare them to a dishwasher or laundry machine.  Most of the time they do an awesome job and save time.  However there are times when something just has to be washed by hand to get the job done right.  That is exactly how I feel about Bob.  I run him everyday and for the most part he keeps my house pretty clean.  I love that he can get underneath my furniture and areas that a regular vacuum can’t always reach.  However I do feel like it struggles a little in corners.  So I either sweep everything out so he will pick it up.  Or I try to vacuum every few days.  This particular bob doesn’t do very well on shag carpet and the battery seems to run out faster on carpet as well.  But I do love it on all my hard surfaces and it does an amazing job at picking up hair.

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Hope you find this helpful!!



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