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Easy Kid Activities Using 4 Ingredients or Less that You Already Have

There are a lot of these craft and activity posts floating around right now. And thank goodness because otherwise I might go nutty trapped in my house trying to help entertain my three kids. However, I wanted to direct this post for specifically using ingredients that you already (probably) have in your home and don’t have to go out for. Plus, any activity requiring just a few ingredients is an A+ in my book.

4 Ingredients or Less – Kid Activities

It’s cold today where we are, but if it’s not freezing where you live then try out these homemade bubbles from Living Well Mom. It’s made with three ingredients that I have in my kitchen, plus you just need a container or two for mixing solutions. Easy!!

I love this idea for aromatherapy stress balls from Living Life as Moms. This only requires a few ingredients and if you don’t have any essential oils, you can leave that ingredient out. Plus, no balloons? Use a latex glove. These are great stress relievers for kids right now as they are figuring out how to cope with everything going on.

Don’t want to run to the store for paint supplies? I guarantee you’ll have these simple ingredients in your pantry for homemade kids paint. And if you don’t have squeeze bottles, any ol’ container will work.

I love sensory bins for kids like this one. And granted that everyone has been stocking up on essentials like rice and beans, you are bound to have one of those items in stock. This recipe calls for three simple ingredients to make the rainbow rice, but if colored rice isn’t your thing, you can just as easily use dried beans. Throw in a few measuring cups, jars and toys and your kids will be in heaven!

2 ingredient silky smooth play dough? Yes, please! I love this recipe from Our Best Bites. It’s perfect for indoor days like today with our snow.

Let’s just start by saying that with all the water bottle buying going on, you should probably have a few empty water bottles lying around. This only requires water bottles and sharpie markers! See the instructions for these water bottle wind spirals here!

Building marshmallow houses is an easy indoor solution that only requires 2 ingredients and gets those creative juices flowing. Most people have toothpicks in their kitchen, but if you don’t, try cutting and substituting straws.

If you’re stuck indoors, this maze can be created using streamers and painter’s tape. (Does this scene remind anyone of Get Smart?) If you don’t have streamers around, toilet paper will easily do the job!

Above is a two ingredient play dough, but here is an edible slime that the kids will love. If you don’t have pudding, jello is also an option.

I love this car maze idea from Our Scribbled Walls that is just using masking tape. A simple, but fun solution if you have a selection of toy cars but need a little something extra for the kiddos.

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