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Easy Halloween Craft for All Ages… Mummy Tin Can

My kids love to do crafts especially around the holidays. As Halloween is coming up, here is a fun DIY Halloween craft we did a few years back. It’s an easy craft for all ages and can even be used for one of those many class parties we all like to volunteer for.
Halloween craft for all ages

DIY Halloween Craft – Mummy Tin Can

What you will need:

Plastic Eyes
Tin Can
Tissue Paper
Hot Glue
Halloween Crafts


  • First, paint your tin can. I used black craft paint and sponge brushes. These are very easy to use for kids and I like them better than brushes for this kind of craft.
Halloween kids craft
It doesn’t have to look perfect as most of it will be covered with gauze. This will just be your base layer that you will want to see slightly beneath the gauze.
Mummy tin can craft
  • Cut your gauze for placing on your can. I was only able to find 3 inch gauze, which was too big. I cut it in half to make 1 1/2 inch strips.
Mummy tin can craft
  • Next, wrap the can with 3 layers of gauze or enough so that you are unable to see the tin can through the gauze. You can hot glue the gauze at the top of the can to hide the lip edge, if desired.
DIY Mummy Tin Can


  • Now, move the three layers of gauze back in the spots were you want the eyes and the mouth.
DIY Mummy Tin Can
  • Hot glue the plastic eyes onto your tin can. Leave a slight opening for the mouth and just leave it open as is.
Halloween Tin Can


  • If desired, add tissue paper to the top and fill the can with candy or other goodies. Now that’s what I call a fun, yet simple Halloween craft!
And there you have a fun and EASY Halloween treat to enjoy with your kids or to do with a classroom full of them!


DIY Halloween Craft Mummy Can



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