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DIY Work Bench Tutorial and Video

DIY Work Bench Tutorial

DIY Work Bench Tutorial
With all of my projects I’ve been working on lately, I needed a little help in the organization department. Luckily, my stepdad Dave was willing to work with me on building a portable DIY work bench for my work space. Today I want to share this step by step build with you from start to finish! Take a look at the video to get a visual of our project. For step by step instructions, just read along below.

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Tools You Will Need: (with affiliate links)

How to Create a DIY Work Bench

Step 1: Measure and Cut Your 2 x 4s

You can use either a chop saw or circular saw to cut your 2 x 4s. Dave used a square to mark his 45 degree angle and then cut along the diagonal edge.  I prefer to use a chop saw so we used that on the rest of the 2×4’s.  For this work bench we cut 6-2×4’s to 60 inches long with a 45 degree angle on each end. Next, cut 4-2×4’s to 30 inches long and 2-2×4’s to 27 inches long again with 45 degree angles on each end.

Step 2: Create Your Top and Bottom Frames

Use your kreg tool to make 2 pocket holes on each end of the 6 shorter 2×4’s.  Once all of the pocket holes are drilled, you can begin making the top and bottom frames.  Assemble these frames into a large rectangle for each top and bottom frame. We used 2-30″ 2 x 4s and 2 of the 60 inch 2 x 4s for each frame. For extra strength, apply Titebond wood glue, and then use a clamp to hold the 45 degree angles together. Once the corners are clamped, use 2″ kreg screws to hold them together.

Step 3: Put together the Middle Shelf

For this shelf use 2-60 inch long 2×4’s and 2-27” long 2×4’s and assemble it the same way as the top and bottom frames.

Step 4: Add MDF Boards to the Top

Add the MDF boards to the top of each frame and shelf.  Glue the sheets of 1/2” thick MDF to the frame and then nail them on with a finish nailer.  We added the MDF to our shelf the same way as the top and bottom, but since our shelf is 3 inches shorter then our top and bottom frame we used the circular saw and cut along the edge of the 2×4.

Step 5: Cut the Table Legs

Now it is time to cut the 4 legs. Cut 2x4s down to 27 inches. You should have 4 legs total. Use the kreg tool again to make 2 pocket holes on each end of the legs. Apply glue to the bottom edge of each leg and then use 2 inch kreg screws to attach the legs to the bottom frame.

Step 6: Assemble the Shelf and Frame

After the legs are attached to the bottom shelf, put glue on the top of each leg and place the top frame on. Use a 3 ft clamp to help hold the top in place while you screw the legs to the top. Next, add the shelf.  This shelf is 18” high, to make sure we attached it correctly we cut 3-18” 2x4s to hold the shelf up until we could get it screwed to our frame. Drill 2 pilot holes, one the outside of each leg, for the screws to go into.  Then use 2 1/2” screws to attach the shelf to the frame.  Kreg joints are very strong, but adding this shelf to the center will make this bench even stronger.

Step 7: Add Peg Board

You can add a peg board on one of the ends to hang extra tools, if desired. Cut 2 braces for the top and bottom. Cut peg board and attach to the 2 braces using glue and a nail gun.

Start to finish work bench tutorial

Step 8: Add Wheels

Flip the DIY work bench over to add wheels. Mark where you want your 3″ caster wheels to be, then use a drill to make pilot holes for the lag screws. Screw in 4 lag screws for each wheel.  When installing lag screws a socket wrench comes in handy.

Step 9: Sand and Paint

Sand down the rough edges of your table and legs. Tape off wheels before you prime and paint. Use primer, such as kilz, for your first coat. Using a primer first helps to seal the wood and create a nice even paint finish. When the primer is dry, use a sander once again to smooth the paint out and ensure a smooth paint finish. Next, paint the bench with 2 coats of paint. I used a white latex paint in satin. Lastly, after the latex paint has dried, add 2 coats of a water-based polyurethane  for added durability.

Easy DIY work bench tutorial

I added a power strip for my battery chargers and tools. I also added a few hooks to wrap cords around. This DIY work bench perfect for organizing my garage!  Don’t forget to check back for more DIY tutorials!

DIY work bench with video








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  • Kelly

    You did a great job!!! Yahoo! Now I need to go make one….

  • Janet

    Great job! Can you tell me what paint sprayer you used. Looked so easy but I get mixed reviews on all so don’t know what to buy. Thx

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