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DIY Spooky Halloween Mantel

It may only be September, but I’ve already seen houses with Halloween decor outside! I really do love the holidays, especially when everything is just starting to get a bit nippy outside and the snow hasn’t hit yet. I thought it would be fun to give you all some great, easy Halloween decorating tips. Decorating a Halloween mantel or table can be stressful when it is a focal point in your house. However, you can easily create a masterpiece with some cheap finds, repurposing, and the occasional splurge.

Halloween Mantel: Pick a Theme

Sometimes you end up with a whole bunch of random decor pieces that you’ve been given over the years. While this is great, it doesn’t exactly help when you are trying to create a focal point that blends well and looks stylish. The best thing to do is to start by picking a theme. For example, choose a scary Halloween mantel or more of a fun one. My kiddos are little and I’m not a huge fan of the macabre look… so I still opt for the cute, family-friendly decor choice. Once you pick a theme, choosing pieces to compliment goes much faster! Along with the theme, picking colors will also narrow down your decorations. Black and white is super popular this year so that is the main focus, slightly accented with orange.

DIY Spooky Halloween Mantel

Pick a Main Focal Point

This part is pretty key to making any centerpiece work! Choose a main piece to focus on and accent everything around it. I love how this Spooky Web is tacked up in an empty wooden frame and propped up as the main focal point for the mantel. It ties in really well with the black and white, and spiders on the black sash and on the banner. See? Common theme works! And the great news here is that frames can be picked up for cheap at your local thrift shop. The web comes with either boo or wicked, but I love the spooky! You can nab one of those here.



How to Create a Halloween Mantel

Complimentary Accent Pieces

For most accent pieces, frugal finds are pretty important. You definitely have to use a little creativity here and maybe go to a few different stores. But, it’s worth it if you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to pay for your finds.

  • pumpkins- You can find them anywhere in multiple colors or paint them yourself for cheap. Some I found at Target and Walmart for a couple bucks.
  • banner/spider ribbon- Another great addition for a Halloween mantle- you can find these anywhere! Dollar Store, craft stores, or make your own!
  • black cheese cloth – Dollar Store find!
  • raven- Also another craft store find… most craft stores will have big holiday discounts.

Halloween Mantel Black and White

Repurposing Decor

Repurposing what you already have can definitely save the budget and give your decor an uplift. This tree is used as a holiday tree, so for each holiday it can be reused with coordinating colored ornaments that are changed out. Simple, but way easy! That lantern was also just another piece that sat around, but ties in so well to the black and white theme!


Spooky Spider Web Halloween Mantel


Another creative tip is to make sure there are different placement heights to give various dimensions. Those candle holders are a great way to bring in some height and style. This will help overall in being more of a stylish centerpiece for whoever is coming to your home.


I love this spooky themed Halloween mantel! Happy Decorating!




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