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Budget Friendly DIY Painted Floor

Budget Friendly DIY Painted Floor

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Have you ever wanted to attempt painting your floor, but are too afraid to try? My DIY painted floor is a great solution for mixing flooring. The flooring on our main floor is pine planks, but our landing is oak. The previous owner had already painted the oak landing, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the finish. My first thought was to sand it all the way down and stain the oak to match the pine. Matching woods can be a very tricky task to get the stain colors just right, so instead I decided to make them look very different by painting my floor. I sanded the previous finish down and painted my floor white with White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

DIY Painted Floors

Supplies for Painted Floor

  • Paint – I used White Dove by Benjamin Moore and a brown latex paint
  • paint brush
  • frog tape
  • sander
  • sealant floor finish

DIY Painted Floors

How to Get a DIY Painted Floor

I began by sanding down the previous finish. Then, I painted the floor all white. I actually loved the look of the white. However, the front door is our most frequently used door so keeping it clean was proving to be impossible. I would mop it and if anyone came in the door I would have footprints. So, I needed a little camouflage!
DIY Painted Floors

I taped off squares in a checker board pattern and used a brown latex paint to paint brown squares. (I can’t remember the color, I am sorry) I added two coats to make sure it was good and covered. Once it was all dried I pulled off the tape and this is what I got. The squares were a little bold for me when I first pulled off the tape, but I could fix that.

DIY Painted Floors -tile pattern

I knew this painted floor would be walked on a lot and get dinged so I decided to speed up the process a bit. I sanded down the squares so they looked old and worn.  This also made it so the brown wasn’t quite as bold.

After they looked worn I sealed it all with Varathane’s Satin Waterbased Floor Finish.  To make sure they were good and sealed I applied four coats.

DIY Painted Floors -tile pattern

And here is what they look like 4 years later.  You can see they are dinged in a few spots, but I don’t mind as it is supposed to look old and worn.

I was only expecting this floor to last for a few years.  I am happy to say I still have not done anything to our painted floor. The top coat is still holding up nicely and they wipe clean just like they are supposed to!




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  1. Pat
    February 26, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Hi Brooke,
    I guess I’ve been living under a rock as I just found your blog! I’m so excited I did and I’m a new follower. Would it be possible to just move in with you? Lol Seriously, your home is stunning and you have so much talent! I also visited your Etsy shop and now I’m trying to decide the first thing to order. 🙂 This floor is amazing and the perfect solution to avoid trying to match the wood stains. Great idea!
    I look forward to reading more of your blog and gaining some ideas. Stop by and say hi when you can!


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