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Currently Loving: Kitchen Items

Currently Loving: Kitchen Items

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I love to decorate, but there is a fine line between decor and clutter, especially in the kitchen. I don’t want my kitchen counters to be filled with so much decor that I feel like I have to work around it or move it. Also, with 5 of us using the kitchen, less is more in terms of space. When I was decorating I tried to use kitchen items that incorporate storage as well as every day, functional items into my decor.


Currently Loving: Kitchen Items

  • Gallon Sized Glass Jars
  • Mug Rack

First of all, a perfect example of functional decor are these gallon sized glass jars. Not only do they house my ingredients, but they also add so much texture to our pantry area.  (full pantry post here)  I also love our mug rack. I just found some white mugs and teal mugs to match my decor so not only are they decorative, but they are functional too. And a matching KitchenAid is always fun to display on a counter top.  My kitchenAid used to be red, but I gave it a face lift. You can see the post here.

Kitchen Items I Currently Love 

  • Table Centerpiece

Lets talk about my table centerpiece. I love having my table decorated, but I hate taking everything off for dinner or homework and then putting it back on. Solution?  This dough bowl!  When it is time for dinner I lift the entire thing off. When dinner is done I put it back… easy peasy!  (see my centerpiece decor post here)  I also like to incorporate different items for the seasons like these cute teal pumpkins and the white and gold polka a dot pumpkins.

Currently Loving Kitchen ItemsShop my favorite pumpkin here:

Currently Loving Kitchen Items: Plate rack

  • Metal Plate Rack

Last, but not least, my metal plate rack. I found some cute plates that matched my decor. Instead of hiding them in the cabinets and taking up space I opted for this darling plate rack.  I can’t find my exact plates anymore, but here are some similar and some of my other favorites.

Currently Loving Kitchen Items: Plate rack

Any other kitchen items that you just love and can’t live without? Share with us in the comments.


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