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How to Create Your Own Tile Sign

How to Create Your Own Tile Sign

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Hello Everyone! I am so excited to introduce you all to this new cutout tile sign! These new styles are a big trend in flooring and tiling recently, so I wanted to implement the same thing into my own living room. These are so simple to put together, and they come unfinished in a kit so you can customize it for your very own home or we can finish them for you, you can purchase them here or at the bottom of the listing.   (See my living room reveal here)

Living room decor with Tile cutouts

Tile Sign Kit

You can purchase a Tile Sign Kit here. They come in a variety of sizes for your convenience!

Style your Tile cutouts

Step 1: Paint your sign

Paint your sign in contrasting colors. This is a great way to make it pop! Good neutral color combinations may be: grey and white, black and white, navy and white. You can also change up the colors and perhaps to a holiday theme. The options are endless! Spray paint or paint by hand. If hand painting, I recommend a good chalk or primer first, as the MDF really absorbs the paint. I really recommend painting with primer or a clear coat first to seal it.

Paint your tile signs in any color combination

Step 2: Stain your pine

Stain or paint your pine pieces, I used Minwax’ Jacobean stain on mine. These will be used for the frame. You can create a lighter, weathered look that appears more grey by using Amy Howard’s Vintage Wood.

Use a stain for the tile sign border

Step 3: Glue or nail your pieces

Glue or nail the top and bottom signs together. I used Gorilla Glue here along the outside edge and middle and it sticks great to the MDF. Make sure your sides line up! Press down lightly to bind the glue and wait until it’s dry to assemble your frame.

Tile sign color combination

Step 4: Glue pine frame

Glue the pine frame on each side to create a frame.

Beautiful tile sign cutout for mantles, walls or tablesAnd now you have a new beautiful sign that you can customize however you want!  We also sell them completed here:



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