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Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later

Who doesn’t love to paint with chalk paint?  There is almost no prep, it is easy to paint with, it goes on smooth and if there is a run or imperfection no problem just sand it right out.  But will it stand up over time?  I will give you my honest opinion of my chalk painted cabinets 4 years later.

Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later

But first lets take a trip down memory lane,  This is what our laundry room looked like when we first moved in.  We needed to maximize space in this small room so we stacked our washer and dryer and built these built ins for left over cabinets and supplies from our remodel.  Talk about budget friendly!!


This is what it looked like right after we finished it 4 years ago….not much has changed.  Which means it has served it’s purpose well! (Full Post here)


So the big question…how did chalk paint hold up?

Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later

Chalk paint has held up great in here.

If you have followed me for long you know I am a latex paint kind of gal.  But 4 years ago chalk paint was the big thing and I was dying to try it out.  This was the perfect project because I didn’t have to sand down the cabinets and I knew this room would not be used that often.

I applied 2 coats of Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg and then I sealed them with a clear wax.  For this project I used one quart of chalk paint.

I can honestly say after 4 years this is what my cabinet doors look like..I took this picture today!  I have not touched them up, I just gave them a good clean with pledge and they look as good as new.  I am grateful we added hardware to these doors.  It helps to keep the oils and dirt from our hands from touching the paint.

Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later

There has been some chipping on the edges.  But in comparison to other paints I think it is about average.

Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later

And you can see a few stains by the wall.  Chalk paint isn’t designed to be a really hard paint.  In my experience it stays soft and even with a top coat of wax or a polyurethane it still allows oils/liquids to penetrate, leaving stains.  These stains can be fixed, I just sand them down and touch them ups with some paint and seal it with wax.

Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later I do try to avoid using chalk paint on heavily used pieces as I have not had good luck with it.  It just stains to easily……  You can read about our kitchen table here.  However it is a great paint for accessories, accent pieces and areas that will not highly used like our laundry room!

Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later

I love the coral accents in this room now!  AND….. I sell these awesome reclaimed wood signs in my Etsy shop!

Chalk Painted Cabinets 4 Years Later

All in all our chalk painted cabinets 4 years later are still in great shape!




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  • Kristina

    For anyone curious if you find a professional to paint your kitchen Cabinents with a lacquer in the paint, they will be a great hard finish and no more chipping than would be had with you wood. (If your wood would chop the the paint can too. I have no noticeable chips. I searched one day as I wiped them down and barely saw two after almost 2 years and that was searching. Love chalk paint for exactly what she said. Just wanted to through out there that I think a paint with laquer gives you the best wipe able, almost like factory Cabinent doors I have found.

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