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A Few Budget Friendly Christmas Hacks

It’s that time of year again! Christmas will be here before you know it, and really, these hacks could also be applied for Thanksgiving as well. I love having a fun and festive house around this time of year, but decorations can be pricey combined with whatever is being spent on gifts. So to combat the costs of decor, here are a few budget friendly Christmas hacks I’ve used over the years.

Budget Friendly Christmas Hacks: Self-Serve Centerpiece

I love to plan parties… not so much the throwing part. But, when I do get around to throwing a party, one of my favorite ways to have a party is to create a self-serve centerpiece.  Seriously, edible centerpieces just might be the biggest lifesaver there is when a gazillion people are wandering your house. And added bonus – having a food place to congregate helps for when conversation lacks or you encounter an awkward distant relation who insists on talking your ear off… it happens! The centerpiece doubles for colorful decorations and it also makes it so I am not serving food all night!! (view the full party here)

Budget Friendly Christmas Hack: Self-serve Centerpiece

But if you want to make a complete tablescape I have a few tips here on how to do it on a budget here

Christmas Hack: Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Hack: Fireplace Replacement/Stocking Hangers

And what about those stockings hanging over an open fire? Some of us don’t have working fireplaces or even mantles. So, how about a shelf with hooks instead? This is one of my easiest hacks  I’ve done to still get a cute faux mantle appearance. You can buy shelves with hooks already attached, or even make one yourself. You can also pick up command strip hooks and use those as well.

Christmas Hack: Stocking Hangers

Christmas Hack: Tree Decoration

Don’t have a tree skirt or need a little extra something under your tree so it isn’t so bare?  Wrap your presents to match your decor!  You are going to wrap them anyway so they might as well be duplicated as decorations. I like to use different patterns and big bows!!

Christmas presents for Tree Decoration

Christmas Hack: Ornaments

The dollar store is super budget friendly when you are in need of a little extra decoration!  I love to get their colored plastic ornaments to add to various parts of my house.  I have made wreaths out of them, put them in glass containers or just laid them out on our table or shelves.  Since they are plastic I don’t have to worry about my kids breaking them… super handy when you still have little ones running around.

Budget friendly Christmas Hack: Plastic Ornaments

Budget friendly Christmas Hack: Plastic Ornaments Wreath

Christmas Hack: Snowflakes

Still needing a little extra accent for your decorations? Snowflakes are the perfect piece to add to any main decor item. These can be added as ornaments on your tree, attached around a frame, or even hung on a wall or a wreath. I’ve found snowflakes everywhere, but these specific snowflakes I designed in my shop.

How to use snowflakes in your decor

I hope you’ve enjoyed our budget friendly Christmas hacks!




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