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Back to School Organization for the Family!

Back to School Organization for the Family!


Going back to school means busy schedules for everyone. As such, I needed a way to provide organization for each family member – particularly my kids and myself. It is always helpful and NECESSARY to keep our household organized, otherwise it can get super stressful. Take a look at my solutions below on how I provide organization for the family.

Organization for the Family: Kids

  • Daily Chore Charts: If I don’t help my kids to get going and be organized in the morning, our whole day is thrown off. Last year I made them these chore charts to hang on their doors. My kids do all of their chores before school in the morning so it frees up their time after school to play with friends or go to other activities. These charts worked great!  You can view more and download them free here.

Back to School Organization for the Family

If a paper chore chart isn’t your thing, you’ll love this next one.

Here is how it works.  I add tasks to their lists each day. You can have repeating tasks for certain days. When they click done it sends me a notification and it moves to their completed section.  Back to School Organization for the Family

They can also earn points for each task and work towards earning something. My kids love to go and get ice cream so after they earn 200pts they can cash their points in.

Family Organization App


Organization for Mom

It is great to keep the kiddos organized, but it is always a bonus when I can be organized too.

  • App Grocery List: An added bonus of this app is it has a grocery list. Which brings me to my next part… MOM organization makes me happy.

Mom Organization App

As my kids are getting older their schedules are getting harder and harder to keep track of. I have tried using several different kinds of organizers- paper and apps, and so far this one has stuck. My quest for the perfect planner has finally been successful!

  • Planner: It is called the happy planner.


Organizing Family Schedules

This has lots of fun covers and dividers to choose from and there are also add on options too, so you can customize this planner just how you want. How fun is this divider to help with my organization for the family!

Family Planner Organization

I love the full month view.

How to Organize your Schedule

It has the week view as well! I love to be able to look at my whole week in detail. I use the top row for personal stuff, the middle row for my kids and the bottom row for my business.  So it is all separate and yet together in one spot.
Planner Organization

Remember how I said it had add ons?  I bought the budget planner add on and I love it!

Household Organization for the Family Household Organization for the Family

This is a great feature for keeping track of household budgets as well as using it for my business.


Kick off your school year with organization for the family!


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