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I can’t believe we are welcoming another year!  That just means I am getting older by the minute…I am not sure how I feel about that.  You know when you were younger how you couldn’t grow up fast enough?  Now I feel like I can’t slow time down.  My kids are growing up so fast…my oldest is 8 and my baby will be 3 this year….eeeek….slow down already!  As I have thought a lot about this year the main thing that came to my mind was, “we made it!”  This year has defiantly been rough.  I had been having hip problems ever since I had our 2nd child after our 3rd baby the pain was getting so bad it hurt to walk.  I went to the doctor and I found out I either needed a hip replacement or a hip scope.  Since I am 31 years old they recommended I have a hip scope in hopes to avoid replacing my hips.  A hip scope has a much longer recovery then a hip replacement as I would be on crutches for 6 weeks.  But after considering all the options my husband and I decided to have the hip scope done.  I had my first surgery at the end of January.  I was a little worried as my little boy was only 18 months old, but luckily for us we had a lot of help from family, friends and neighbors.  I had in my head that after 6 weeks I would be off of crutches and back to normal.  Well I was terribly wrong.  Since my muscles were stretched so far during the surgery I had a long recovery ahead of me.  It slowed me down much more then I would have liked but the surgery seemed to be working and I was hoping we would not have to do the other hip.


4 months after my first surgery(the right side) the pain in my left hip was getting worse.  I was trying everything I could to avoid surgery but after a visit to the doctor I knew I would have to have this surgery again.  I had my left side done the middle of August and despite my best efforts my left hip was worse then my right making the surgery and recovery much longer.  When you are a mom, a wife and trying to run your own business you don’t have time to be on crutches for 7 weeks.  I was very discouraged to say the least.  I don’t cry very often but I shed my fair share of tears.  My husband pitched in where ever he could but he has a full time job too.  I spent many nights on my knees ask my Father in Heaven for help and guidance.  I was doing everything I could and I still was falling short… A LOT!!

I had the Vintage Whites Show coming up, I needed to have 100 signs made and by the look of things I was going to still be on crutches.  As a DIY’er I have kind of trained myself to figure things out and do it myself and then I realized, I am not super women or wonder women, no matter how hard I try to do it all on my own it was not possible.  I am only one person, as I took a step back I had to let myself accept help.   My sweet neighbor came to me and asked when she could come help me, my mom and step dad gave up their Saturdays to help me make signs and find me the materials I needed, my husband even made signs while filling in on all the parent things I was missing.  Tori, my helper, worked extra to help me get things done, my grandparents came to visit and extended their vacation an extra day so they could come and work in my garage.  While we were working my mother in law cleaned my house top to bottom.  It was all hands on deck around here to say the least!  As I counted up my signs for Vintage White I began to cry as I counted 98, 99…..100 SIGNS!!!!  I had hit my goal of 100 signs not only that but at the show we sold all but 10 signs.  That night as I laid in bed too sore to turn over tears of gratitude ran down my face.  See lots of crying.

At the market I got to meet and talk with so many people who followed me on social media, many of them came just to get a sign…WHAT?!?!  A few people even asked to take a picture with me …. my husband still makes fun of me for that.  My gratitude began to grow for all of my readers and supporters.  When times got tough there was always a sweet comment or message to brighten my day.  I realized as we all come together great things can happen.  Words cannot even fully express the gratitude I have in my heart for everyone who helped me.  The help did not come with the expectation that I return the favor it came from the goodness of their hearts.  Though this year has been rough it has also been wonderful.  It seems to be times like these when I learn the most and begin to more fully appreciate all that I have been given.


While I may post pretty pictures, I am not perfect and my life/house does not always look like that.  When people ask for a tour of my home I tell them they should look on Instagram because it is clean on there.  I am a regular every day person with 3 messy kids, we have piles of laundry, I make pizza pockets for dinner, I have forgotten my daughters soccer practice or sent her to school without a lunch (don’t worry she knows by now to just have school lunch).  Why? Because I am not super women …. But we are all surviving and pushing forward and most importantly we have each other to lean on.

snowmobiling-4 snowmobiling-5 snowmobiling-6 snowmobiling

This past week my family and I escaped to the mountains for some much needed relaxation!  We went sledding, built lego castle, decorated ginger bread houses, went snowmobiling (where I took all these pictures) and of course my husband found time to watch college football.  It was just the break we needed to hit the ground running in 2017.  We have lots of fun things planned for this year from new tutorials to fun new signs.  We look forward to sharing it with all of you!!



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