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A Little Look At My Dollar Christmas Tree

A Little Look At My Dollar Christmas Tree

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Christmas tree decorating is one of my favorite things about the holidays. However, I realize that many people do not have the budget they want to create that perfect Christmas tree. Trust me when I say that in those first few years of marriage, I wasn’t able to decorate how I wanted either! Some things it takes years to acquire or some years things may need to be made or traded. I’ve had years where thrift shops have been my go-to, and that is perfectly ok! A while back I created a dollar Christmas tree. This tree was created using ornaments and decor bought at the Dollar store or other places for under a buck. Some were purchased the day after Christmas when everything is discounted. I want to show you it is possible to create a beautiful Christmas tree when you have a limited budget. 
A little look at my dollar christmas tree

Dollar Christmas Tree Finds

  • Snowflakes at the Dollar Store – These snowflakes I bought from the Dollar Tree. At the time it was 10 for $1, though I believe the pricing hasn’t changed much! I then glittered them for added appeal. You can see this tutorial here!
  • Tinsel and garland strands can also be picked up for a buck at the dollar store. These are easy to hang and great fillers! 
  • Birds – I love birds! I happened to find these gold birds at Walmart for $.98. Score!
Dollar christmas tree finds


  • Classic ornaments – The dollar store has a plethora of traditional ornaments if you are okay going with a classic look. They have plenty of colors, but most are similar sized.
  • Berry fillers – I have found berry branches for around a buck at the dollar store or they will even go on sale and be incredibly discounted at places like Hobby Lobby. These require a little more effort looking and may be more spendy depending on how many you want.
  • Tree toppers: Dollar store also has classic stars and angels for tree toppers that are a dollar.
  • My big red ornaments used to be orange, as to why they are so cheap! I spray painted them and then added glitter to get my desired effect!
Dollar Christmas finds for a tree
I love my dollar Christmas tree! There are many options you can do if you use a little creativity! And the best part is that it doesn’t break the bank in the process. Happy decorating!



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