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How to Use Saltwash

How to Use Saltwash

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Have you ever wanted to create a piece that has that distressed or vintage look, but are too afraid to try or it seems way too time consuming? Perhaps you want something distressed, but can’t afford nor justify the insane price tag that seems to accompany those home decor items. Well, let me introduce you to the saltwash painting technique. This is your ticket to creating that distressed look you’ve been hoping for! It’s easy to achieve, low cost, and you don’t have to be a pro to do it.  Anyone who thinks they have very limited craft skills can handle this like an expert! It’s that easy and you don’t have to be super skilled to get a great looking piece of home decor with it. Try it! I can guarantee you’ll love it!

Supplies You Will Need:  (affiliate Links)

How to SaltWash

1-Add your first paint color.

How to use salt wash

2-Add saltwash – 1 part paint to 3/4 part saltwash (the side of the cup will tell you how much to add for different types of paint).

Measuring out your salt wash

Measuring out your salt wash

3-Use your stir stick to mix up the paint until it is a thick frosting consistency.

Mixing up your salt wash


Mixing up your salt wash

4-Paint it on in a dabbing method to create a rough texture. It is not meant to look pretty here! Once it is halfway dry, softly smooth out the texture with your paint brush.

How to use salt wash like a pro How to use salt wash like a pro

5- Once dry, add your second color of choice and paint over the top and let it dry.

Creating your salt wash Salt wash painting how to

6-Once it is dry sand it to a smooth finish. I used a fine 220 grit paper to achieve this.

Salt wash painting how to


And there you have it! Beautiful texture and distressed look with minimal effort. Happy saltwashing!




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