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Antique Table Painted with Milk Paint

Antique Table Painted with Milk Paint

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I love how this antique table painted with milk paint turned out.  I admit it is a new favorite of mine!!  But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning…….

For some odd reason I always want the piece of furniture that is the worst possible shape.  I don’t know why…maybe it is because I like the challenge or love to waste my time…ha ha!  But whatever the reason I always bring them home.  This little table on the top was covered in the most disgusting high gloss nastiness that someone probably called paint.  And of course I bought this piece.  The picture below is after I had used stripper twice (stripping tutorial here)  After two coats of stripper I then sanded as much of this paint off as I possibly could.  But it still looked a little rustic and the paint in the details was not coming off like I had hoped…..  Rather then spend more time then I had already I decided to embrace what was left.

#5 copy

And here is this darling table after!

Antique Table Painted with Milk Paint

To create the look I wanted I used milk paint on this piece (mixing tutorial here)

Milk paint is designed to chip in places and create an old feel for furniture and this is just want I needed to bring everything together on this piece.

Milk Paint Furniture

You can see in some places the milk paint chipped off and other places I sanded the milk paint down so the remaining white paint would show through.  Start at Home Decor Milk Painted Furniture



I am so pleased with the end results and this table looks perfect with our current home decor! I suppose that is why I buy the worse piece I can find….they have the best transformations!

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